Helping Professionals Tap Into Their Limitless Powers and Make The Conscious & Emotional Shifts Necessary To Create a Life They Love.

As an accredited ICF certified professional coach, mentor, transformational coach and mindset expert Shimrit has helped hundreds of her clients and followers across the globe overcome hurdles such as burnout, anxiety, career stagnation, low self esteem and worth, childhood trauma, broken relationships and more.

Shimrit’s passion is to help high performers and driven individuals realize their spiritual capacity and harness their emotional and cognitive faculties, so they can break through limiting patterns, which are mostly rooted in trauma, and reach mastery of their human instrument, to express authentically and freely who they truly are.

As the founder and CEO of Master Your Path - a leading edge Emotional & Mental International Well-Being Academy, Shimrit and her team are teaching their proven system to create rapid and consistent change and growth.

Shimrit is a successful entrepreneur who has built a 6-figure business in just one year, made multiple pivots in her own career as a musician, teacher, coach, mentor, manager, leader and mother.


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